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misfit n : someone unable to adapt to their circumstances [also: misfitting, misfitted]

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  1. transitive intransitive To fit badly.
    • His suit was misfitted and looked awkward.
    • The car's bumper was misfit in color.



  1. An ill-fitting garment.
  2. A badly adjusted person.
    She was very unhappy in Iraq and a misfit in the Army.
  3. An outcast.
    The MBA was a misfit when stuck in a meeting with the programmers.''


An ill-fitting garment
A badly adjusted person
An outcast


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Bohemian, anomaly, beatnik, black sheep, blemish, crosspatch, deviant, dissenter, dropout, eccentric, flower child, foreign body, foreign intruder, freak, heretic, hippie, impurity, individual, individualist, inner-directed person, intruder, maverick, monkey wrench, mote, naysayer, nonconformist, nonjuror, oddball, original, sectarian, sectary, sliver, speck, splinter, sport, stone, swinger, ugly duckling, unconformist, weed, yippie
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